Welcome to my home page!

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So, what's left?

Ah, you've gotten to the main point of my web page: my songs. Even though I'm a scientist by profession (see some semi-amusing scienc-y stuff here), I've written quite a bit of music, and much of it is available from this site. I've stored the MP3 files at various places on the web (MP3.com, geocities, garageband.com, ilike), and all of them have gone out of business. The last one even took some money so that they would store my stuff "forever". Grr.

You may be pleased to know that these songs aren't rendered sloppily by amateur vocalists; they have synthesized voices singing the lyrics! This is possible because I bought software called VocalWriter.

Because these renditions are 100% computer-generated, printing the sheet music for them is relatively easy. Price for sheet music: you have to send me a tape of your performance! :-) Send me some e-mail about it; I'm Hugh at (what else?) emersonguys.com.

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to see the lyrics for the songs on any of the albums below

album coverThe first album (Hugh Emerson: Depressed)Songs written from the junior high years up to the Kirksville years, 1972-1983. The album title is somewhat deceptive; the album isn't about being depressed. Contains my single biggest hit, "U.B."
album coverThe second album (Hugh Emerson: Born Again) Songs inspired by events from the years 1983-1995. Again, the album title is somewhat deceptive; not all the songs are spiritual in nature. The other two songs I contributed to the "composers in Columbia" contest, "Limbo" and "Shade of Magenta" are on this album.
album coverThe third album (Requiem / Crime and Punishment) Contains the two longest works to date: the Requiem in F (in Latin), possibly the happiest mass for the dead ever written, and the music from "Crime and Punishment: the musical".
album coverThe fourth album (A Counterpoint Christmas) There's kind of a game involved with most of these arrangements: this is a collection of familiar songs with other melodies going on at the same time. The point of the game is to guess what the familiar melody is going to be before it happens. In some cases, the countermelody is original, and in some cases, the countermelody is a familiar tune as well.
album coverThe fifth album (Andy and his Magic Webcam) Songs written since 1995. Not many ready yet.

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