Five Nursery Rhymes for Kittens

I selected these five poems from Paul Gallico's book Honorable Cat (which amazon dot com informs me is out of print) and set them to music as a fun song cycle for my voice teacher. In order of performance, they are

InvitationMP3 MIDI QuickTime RealAudio
Not on the BedMP3 MIDI QuickTime RealAudio
The Catnip DanceMP3 MIDI QuickTime RealAudio
ChimeraMP3 MIDI QuickTime RealAudio
Run Kitten RunMP3 MIDI QuickTime RealAudio

Sheet music is available if the songs interest you. E-mail me about it by using the AOL thingy below. If you would like to have a recording of yourself singing any of the songs posted here, that can be arranged. A lot of people stop by to listen -- well, you're here, aren't you? The best way to get the lyrics, of course, is to buy the book. Search for the title at amazon dot com and buy a used copy.

The MP3 and RealAudio versions of the above songs have a synthesized voice singing the text; the QuickTime and MIDI versions have a synthesized oboe playing the melody instead. If you'd like to know how I synthesized the voice, click here. It's a Mac thing.

Here's a silly alphabet song I used to sing to my kitty (named Amanda):
An apology to the Canadians: I don't say "zed" at the end. Sorry.

Here's a duet I wrote for two of my favorite kitties, Tomás and Missy:

Here's a duet I wrote for Lulu (another of my favorite kitties) and Rusty (one of my favorite doggies):

Here's a trio I wrote for Bruno, another of my favorite doggies. If you've ever seen "Homeward Bound", Bruno is like Chance, and Rusty is like Shadow.

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