Politics and Religion

I am a member of the Missouri Libertarian Party and the First Baptist Church of Columbia, Missouri . I would encourage other followers of Jesus to check out the Libertarian Party; the emphasis on self-government to be found in the teachings of the former (with His help, of course) go along nicely with the policies of the latter.

Education and Employment

I've lived in Missouri all my life; I spent my early years in northwest Missouri (St. Joseph and Maryville), moved to Columbia to attend fifth grade through high school (Fairview, West Jr. and Hickman), and went to Kirksville to attend Northeast Missouri State University. I spent a few years on the faculty there, but now I work for the University of Missouri in the Chemistry Department. I spent a year between universities teaching science in Hermann at the high school there.

Hobbies & Activities

Since you probably came from my home page, you know I'm into music composition.
I sing in the Boonslick Chordbusters barbershop chorus.
I play baritone horn in my church's band, the "Psalm Players" (see above for link)
I enjoy rollerblading and running. I also lift weights, but I don't enjoy that! I'm currently (January 2002) in the Body for Life program.
I like puppies and kitties. Link to The Humane Society


Speaking of puppies and kitties, there are some who are part of my family. Andy and I have three cats and a dog. We used to have four cats, but one of our kitties died in early 2001. :-(
My brother and his family live in southern Illinois. They're on Earthlink.
My parents live in Columbia. They're on AOL.
My mother's brother (Uncle Hugh) and his wife (Aunt Sally) live in Jefferson City. They have three children. They're on AOL too.

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