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March 1, 2001



September 3, 2004


In March 2001, I started Bill Phillip's, Body for Life Program.  The initial results that I obtained over 24 weeks have kept me motivated to continue to exercise and eat healthier foods.

When I began the program in March 2001, I weighed 177 lbs and lost around 19 lbs of fat over 2 challenges (6 months).

Currently, my goals are to maintain muscle and improve my running. Since June 2004, more of my focus has been on running, but I still continue to lift weights. I've run 23 marathons and 13 ultramarathons since 2004 and many other shorter races.   More about my running at my blog.  I take pictures periodically to document my progress.  More BFL Pics  I do all of my weight workouts at home and a lot of my running workouts with a group (While the City Sleeps...).  As of 2010, I have been focusing on the P90X program for my weight lifting.


Check out Bill Phillip's latest book released November 24th, 2003 Eating for Life



Below is a collection of fitness related web pages that I find useful.

Weight Training & General Fitness:

John Stone Fitness

Freedom Fly

Fight Fat: A Guide to Fitness by ExtremeBodyWorkout P90X


Fitness Renaissance

Brad Wadlow

Dave Draper

About Bodybuilding

The Facts About Fitness

Body Building.Com Jeremy Likeness Articles

A to Z Fitness

ExRx Net

Body Changers

Dragon Door

Hypertrophy-Specific Training Routine

Routine Health Care for Men


Hal Higdon.com (Running)

Speedwork for Every Runner

Running in the USA

Marathon Race Sites

Columbia Track Club



Nutrition & Eating:

Eating for Life

The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success: Everything You Need to Know About Optimum Caloric, Electrolyte, and Fluid Intake for Training and Competition.

Stella's Kitchen

Want to eat out and eat make the best choice? Here's My Healthiest Choices for Popular Restaurants List

Check out the Healthy Eating Pyramid, an alternative to the special interest group controlled USDA Food Guide Pyramid. Healthy Eating Pyramid


Eating Before, During, and After Running

Tracking Tools:

BFL Tracker

Fit Day


Body Fat Calculator and One Rep Max Calculator

Bench Press Rating Calculator

Dave Draper Body Fat Calculators

Fitwise Calculators

Steven's Creek Calculator

Biofitness Body Fat Calculator

Free Weight Loss Body Fat Calculator

Running Calculators

Pace Wizard Calculator


Fitness on the Go

On the Road Nutrition and Exercise

The Hotel Room Workout


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