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Purchasing these arrangements

For you barbershoppers out there who would like to try any of these arrangments, they were once MIDI files, so I can easily convert them to printed scores with my copy of MuseScore. I distributed many copies of several of these arrangements without charge with the stipulation that I was to be sent recordings of the arrangments being used in concert, and all the quartets and choruses agreed to do so, AND NOT A SINGLE ONE ACTUALLY RETURNED A RECORDING. I could name names, but I won't.

New sadder-but-wiser terms:

  1. $50 cash, check or money order per song to
    Hugh Emerson
    2100 Bluff Pointe Drive
    Columbia, MO 65201
  2. If you send me a recording of the song you bought, I, Hugh Emerson, am hereby obligated by the terms of this agreement to pay you $50 for it. Net cost to you: $0. (For the recording, I would prefer the recording to be from a concert rather than from a studio session.)
  3. I will make your recording of the song(s) available on the previous page.

Performance videos

These are included on this page just because I needed a place for them. I didn't arrange these two songs. FWIW, I'm singing tenor in this particular quartet, so I'm on the right in each window.

Hypersonix singing "So Long, Mother"

Hypersonix singing "What'll I Do?"

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